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Oliver Wight are leading business improvement specialists who educate, coach and mentor people to lead and sustain change on the journey to business excellence and outstanding business performance.
The largest worldwide consultancy of our type we have offices throughout
Europe, in North and South America and the Asia/Pacific region.

Oliver Wight supports its clients by providing best practice knowledge transfer
through education events. By mobilizing a critical mass of motivated key
influencers and opinion leaders; we enable the application of best practice to
the client's business through facilitated workshops; and provide on-going
coaching support through design and deployment.

These best practices are documented in the nine chapters of our Class A

Implementation is founded on the renowned Proven Path Methodology, which lies at the heart of our approach to 'Integrated Change Management'. This integrates the strategic journey to excellence from major project management to everyday improvement programs, ensuring actions are visible and contribute to company goals. The Proven Path has evolved through three decades of helping hundreds of businesses worldwide achieve Class A status.