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Business Maturity

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To continue meeting customer demand efficiently and profitably in today's constantly evolving market, requires relentless performance improvement. But to attempt to make gains, simply by introducing the latest 'flavor of the month' initiative is likely to end in failure, significant cost and disillusionment. It is vital to make the right improvements at the right time and in the right order.

The Oliver Wight Maturity Model will help you understand where your business is, so you can get to where you want to be. Developed from a Harvard Business School study for the US Government in 1985, The Oliver Wight Maturity Model identifies your organization’s real level of maturity, and thus its capability and readiness for improvement.

maturity model

Maturity Model

Before embarking on any performance improvement program, it is imperative to identify your business’s true level of maturity. The Oliver Wight Maturity Model characterises a business as being in one of four key phases of maturity: Co-ordination, Business Process Control, Automation and Integration.

maturity model

Maturity Self-Assessment Tools

Use our online Maturity Self-Assessment tools to determine how mature your business processes are and whether you are ready to begin your journey to business excellence.
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Executive Guide to the Oliver Wight
Maturity Model

The Oliver Wight Maturity Model identifies your organisation's real level of maturity, helping you to understand where your business is, and where you need to be so you can steer, measure and celebrate your progression on the journey to business excellence.

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