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Supply Chain Management

Optimize to capitalize

Companies, which optimize their supply chains, improve their perfect order rating by an average of 17%, at the same time as reducing supply chain costs by up to 50%. In today’s economy, that’s an advantage worth taking. Oliver Wight Supply Chain Management combines blue-sky thinking with the realities of your existing supply chain footprint and infrastructure; it’s a practical, proven approach, which brings substantial performance benefits.

Benchmark to improve

Benchmarking your performance against best-in-class, Oliver Wight Supply Chain Management allows you to evaluate the existing design and capability of your supply chain and, using performance measures aligned with your business strategy, to drive sustainable improvement.

Prioritize to win

We will help you identify where value is being created and destroyed, prioritize opportunities and where the supply chain is broken, we’ll help you fix it. The Oliver Wight Supply Chain Management program provides a logical sequence of steps for you to take towards a fully optimized supply chain, with measurable milestones along the way, so you can measure and celebrate your successes.

Collaborate to accumulate

You will be able to establish the behaviors, roles and responsibilities required for Supply Chain Management, including engagement at the executive level, and however complex your supply chain, we will work with you to develop collaborative and profitable relationships throughout the extended supply chain. As well as focusing on your direct customer and first two tiers of supplier, you will be able to take account of both the consumer and any ‘heavy hitters’ in your supply chain, however far downstream they are.

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